Student Payment Plans

HRETC has organised a payment plan with Ezypay to assist students spread their course payments over a period of time. Ezypay is a subscription payment option that that enables you, to create recurring direct debit payments.

Ezypay Payment Plans

Ezypay accepts direct bank account payments and online debit and credit card payments via Visa, MasterCard and American Express around the world.

Your student journey begins by completing the enrolment application with the first payment plan instalment (Please refer to the payment plan options)

This easy to manage payment plan is a great option to further your education. Be sure to review the “Course Fees” within the course you are interested in for further information on your total financial investment, including payment amounts and duration.

By opting to pay your course fees via a payment plan, you also agree to the Ezypay Terms & Conditions. Ezypay will charge the following fees to the student and will not be included any refund request.

  • CUSTOMER SET UP FEE: Once off customer set-up fee of $2.
  • FAILED PAYMENT FEE: $9.90 (excluding GST) per failed transaction applies.
  • Data handling fee: Ezypay may charge a data handling fee of up to $3.00 inclusive of GST payable quarterly.
  • Direct Debit Fee/Bank Savings: $2
  • Mastercard, Visa: 2%
  • Amex: 4.49%

Please note: You acknowledge that your Statement of Attainment or Qualification, will not be issued to you until payment is made in full. If you have completed your course before your payment plan duration, please contact the Student Experience Team to discuss alternative options.

By agreeing to this Payment Plan option or by providing us with a valid instruction, you have authorised us to provide your information to Ezypay and agree to be bound by the relevant Terms and Conditions imposed by us and the Payment Plan Provider (Ezypay).

Payment Plan Options

Frequency: Weekly

  • Amount: $50 per week
  • Billing: The first Monday of the Week

Frequency: Fortnightly

  • Amount: $100
  • Billing: Monday (Every second week)

Frequency: Monthly

  • Amount: $200
  • Billing: The first day of the Month

Ezypay Refunds

The request is to be made in writing (email) to the Student Experience Team at help@navajoworld.net

Ezypay refund pre-requisites:

  • Refunds can only be processed on invoices marked as “PAID”.
  • Refunds can only be done on the same payment method that was used to collect the initial debit.
  • Depending on what payment method was used (BANK or CARD), the return of funds to the customer account will differ.
    For BANK transactions, it will take up to 3 business days for the funds to return to the BANK account.
    For CARD transactions, it will normally take no longer than a day for the funds to return to the customer account.

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